Weihua crane teaches you to create a safe construction environment.

The use of cranes should be said to be an indispensable equipment for many enterprises, especially in the process of lifting and transportation, the cane is indispensable. Then how to create a safe construction environment? Actually,there are ways to do that. After all, the lifting equipment itself is easy to cause danger, it is a guarantee for construction to do the relevant work in advance.



It is necessary for lifting equipment to lubricate, after all, the mechanical equipment rubs against each other. In order to reduce abrasion and improve sliding smoothness, the lubricating oil is indispensable , and different lubricating oil cann’t mixed. Before using the equipment, check whether the lubricating is in place, at this time, it is necessary to check in the state of power-off. For the reducer with oil level plug screw, check the oil level whether qualified and install oil level plug screw, check the direction and length of migration distance and whether the movement direction of work is correct.


There should be tacit understanding between operators, general staff only listen to the command of professional staff on the ground, No matter who sent a parking signal, you should stop and find out before you start. Make sure all machine and electrical equipment are in good condition, the operation system is flexible and convenient and the working condition is in a safe state before starting and running.

In conclusion, Weihua crane suggests that when using lifting equipment, you can consider the above aspects we introduced to you. If you want to know more, welcome to communicate with us.

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